DATV Board of Directors

Our volunteer Board of Directors oversees the corporation and meets as a body quarterly to deliberate on the current status of DATV.

Jack Lyons is our President and is an official member of all DATV committees. He is actively involved in keeping the board members up to date on the corporation and works closely with the Executive Director to ensure that DATV continues to be a tremendous asset for its members and the town.
Brian Bond is our newest Board member. He produces and hosts "The Dracut Connection" and "Mountain Man Adventures" at DATV.
Dr. Michael McNamara is our Treasurer and chairs the Nominating Committee. He is also a member of the Facilities & Equipment, Finance & Fundraising, Education & Programming, and Personnel committees.
Lou Darvarris is our Vice President and chairs the Facilities and Equipment Committee. Lou wired our facility and is still our chief computer expert. Lou also sits on the Membership and Training Committee.
Phil Thibault chairs the Personnel Committee and is also on the Community/Municipal Relations Committee.
Glenn Mello chairs the Community, School & Municipal Relations Committee. He is also a member of the Finance & Fundraising Committee. As is that's not enough Glenn also serves on the Board of Directors for the Dracut Scholarship Foundation and hosts the program "DSF Presents" on DATV.
Betsy Murphy is our newest member, being appointed by the Dracut School Committee. Betsy has been a School Committee Board Member for several years and also has served on many other boards within the community.
Meet our production team
for more information on DATV and the services we provide, or to schedule a class,
please call direct: 978.957.5522 or email: nathan@dracuttv.org.