DATV Production Team

Our highly skilled production team works daily to keep the operation of DATV going. They give our members a creative and professional experience every time.

Gary Meuse is our Executive Director and has more than 25 years of experience in the television industry. A Dracut native, he was instrumental in pioneering public access television in town getting his start as the Production & Programming Manager of Dracut's local access television program for 9 years. Gary then went on to produce fast-paced regional/east coast programs most recently with the Boston-based live/nightly entertainment television program "Backstage" hosted by Barry Nolan and Sara Edwards on The Comcast Network, CN8 where he booked interviews with Hollywood Celebrities, worked with major and independent record labels to produce in-studio musical performances, and helped to manage the program's operating budget & finances. Gary also serves on the board of directors for the Dracut Scholarship Foundation and has produced/directed all 31 of their annual live Telethons each March, coordinating all aspects of the technical production.
Ron Zimmerman began his professional career as a freelance production assistant in the Boston film industry during the late 80's. Shortly after that he worked in local news production and eventually landed his first job in community media in 1993. For the next 22 years Ron remained in the public access television field and officially joined the DATV team in January, 2015. As a lifelong resident of Dracut, working for DATV is a natural fit! Ron's talents include a passion for teaching video production skills and techniques as well as engaging community volunteers to help with studio and field productions. Ron is an avid film fanatic and a self-proclaimed authority on 1960's era rock, pop, psych, folk and garage music. Rumor has it that he also has a collecting mania for comic books!
Nate Vezina is one of our production technicians. He had interned with us during the summer of 2009. Nate graduated from Endicott College earning a BS in Communications with a concentration in Digital Film Making. He is in charge of scheduling all of the programming for our three channels and creating bulletin boards. He is also the face of DATV's newest show, "Dracut, Incorporated".

Mike Dobbs is a new production technician for DATV. He has been involved with video production since 2006. Mike graduated from Worcester State University in 2011 with a BA in Communications and a concentration in Media Production. After working in cable access for over a year, Mike came to Dracut with a drive to add more sports programming.

Tyler Masse is our part-time Production Technician through a collaboritive with the Gr. Lowell Technical High School Co-op program. Tyler contributes greatly to the ongoing growth of DATV assisting in all aspects of the operation.

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