Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a show at DATV?

Use of equipment and classes are FREE to members. yearly membership is $10 for individuals, $20 for families & $30 for businesses. click here for a membership form

Can we make a profit from our show?

Sorry, because the services provided by DATV are free, you cannot make money from your show. that means you cannot sell t-shirts, advertising time, or copies of your show to anyone. even if a major television network offered to pay you millions of dollars to air past episodes of your show, you would not be allowed to do so. however, you could tape new episodes at the major network and go on and become super famous, and that would be perfectly legal. just remember where you started!

Do you have to be a Dracut resident to use the equipment and the studio?

Yes or be affiliated with a business in Dracut - Just show us proof of your residency. also, if you know a Dracut resident, they can sponsor the show to play on DATV. for more information, contact the studio.

I have a video of my vacation. Could it play on DATV?

Yes! as long as there's nothing offensive in it. simply bring us the dvd or tape and we'll take a look at it to see if it is allowed according to the DATV rules and regulation.

How old do I have to be to volunteer at DATV?

To work in the studio or borrow equipment, you must be 18 years of age. however, if you are under 18 and a parent can provide permission and supervision, you can also use the studio and some equipment.

Can my show be aired in other communities?

DATV's signal only travels within Dracut. Some of our shows are available on the web at our video-on-demand link. if you want to have your show air in, let's say boston, you would have to give a copy of your show to a boston resident like, let's say thomas menino (resident does not have to be a famous politician) and tom would have to submit it to the station. the process is called bicycling.

How often do you offer training classes?

Please check out our membership page! Dracut Access TV offers monthly 3-session beginner classes as well as advanced classes.  Taking these classes will allow you to use the studio and borrow equipment, plus they’re free – what a bargain!

Do I have to take a class before I make a show?

If you will be hosting the show, you do not have to take a class, but everyone on your crew needs to take a class in order to use the studio or on-location equipment.

If I want DATV to cover an event, what should I do?

If it is a school or a town event, we try to find volunteers or paid crew to cover that event, just give us two week's notice (978-957-5522). we make no guarantees. if you want us to cover your husband's birthday party or your daughter's softball game, as exciting as those events are, you're on your own. BUT – we will teach you to use the equipment so you can cover the event yourself! at DATV, we want to give the people of Dracut the best and most entertaining programming possible, so please let us know what fun and exciting things are happening around town! remember to fill out a cablecast release form and submit it with your video.

How do I get something on your message board?

First and foremost, we require that the message serves a non-commercial purpose for the community, i.e. summer camps, church groups, sports registration, flea markets, free concerts, etc. next visit our bulletin board page and fill out the online form. you may also send it to Dracut Access Television, 91 Mill St. Suite 7, Dracut, MA 01826 , or e-mail it to DATV, or fax it to 978-957-4243.

Who are the people that work at DATV?

We have a seven member board of directors, an executive director, an operations manager, two production techs and one part-time staff member. we rely on volunteers and interns to help us with our productions. visit our production team page for employee profiles.

for more information on DATV and the services we provide, or to schedule a class,
please call direct: 978.957.5522 or email: